Alvin Oei



Alvin Oei

I don't like thinking of myself as a designer, because it's too broad of a term. I'm a guy with a big imagination that wants to change the world in what ever way I can, big or small.  Everyday for me is a learning experience for me which is why I left my career in architecture and went back to school full time at ArtCenter College of Design for its Environmental Design program.

My area of interest focuses on human centered design through the lens of storytelling, environments, and scenography. I want to create experiences that have an emotional punch which people can walk away with and remember.

To develop those experiences, I approach projects with a multi-disciplinary mindset that goes deeper than just picking materials or 3d modeling, but seeing the bigger vision of where a company or project should go.

With a 7 year background in architecture and planning, I think beyond concept development and can coordinate with other consultants on a project from MEP and Structural to Building Departments.

For me, every project is approached carefully with close attention to detail by understanding its context and history and realizing its potential future . Research is what creates rich storytelling and a strong project narrative that is driven by it.





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